Spring Inspired Rooms

Yesterday was officially the first day of Spring and what a beautiful day it was!  Spring is such an inspiring season – it’s a time of new ideas, rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth.  It makes us want to spring clean our homes, throw out the old and bring in the new!  So what a great time to redecorate and bring some of that freshness and rejuvenation into our lives and homes!  Here are some ideas for a spring inspired space!

Sweet Spring room.

An easy way to inject some spring into your bedroom is to invest in some brightly coloured floral bed linen.  It brings instant brightness and vigour to a room.

Cheerful Kids' Bedroom | Photo Gallery: Colourful Spring Rooms | House & Home | photo Ashley Capp

Brighten up the kiddy’s rooms by painting a pretty mural on their wall – instant happiness!

spring has sprung

Floral wallpaper is a sure fire way to bring spring inside!

Wonderful Dining Room Decorations Inspired By Colors Of Spring

A cheap and cheerful way to bring some spring in is to place some seasonal flowers around your home.

Xavier & Me {Hot Springs Pillow}

Mix things up in your home accessories and place some bright pops of colours with cushions and ornamental accents.

City Farmhouse: My Favorite Room & Spring Tour

Updating an old piece of furniture just by priming and repainting it in white, or even adding some wallpaper to the insets in the piece (as seen above) will lighten up an old tired dresser and instantly give it a spring in it’s step!

Wonderful Dining Room Decorations Inspired By Colors Of Spring

Adding a brightly coloured rug to a room will inject some instant spring!

girl in short pink dress holding floating colorful balloons in sky over city

A new piece of art work is a simple way to add pops of bright colour.


Why not up the ante and paint a room!  Popping a lovely fresh pastel colour in a room will instantly brighten things up.

Adding some spring into your home can be as simple as a new vase or as dramatic as repainting a room; you decide.  But when deciding to update your space, keep in mind this season is not here forever, so be practical and think through your choices for the long term, especially if it is a big change like a repaint.  So what do you do to add a little spring into your life?  Do you have any tips on how to add some spring to a home?