Trend Alert! Graphic Flooring


Swedish sisters, Marie and Annica Eklund are the owners of the highly successful company Boland who produce these stunning carpet tiles.  They have designed these new concept tiles in various shapes and sizes that allows you as much creative freedom as you can muster up!  The new ‘wing’ tiles come in a choice of 62 colourways and in the shapes seen below:


As if that wasn’t clever enough, Boland was awarded the Australian Green Tag Level A Certification from an initiative to use renewable plasticiser and are working on using as much recycled materials in their products as possible.  But they don’t compromise on quality; their products are infamous for their high wear rating and extended life.

Graphic flooring is the next big thing.  This look would be stunning as a full floor covering creating floor art or if you’re not that brave, subtly bring it in with a border strip around the perimeter of a room or simply place a strip down a corridor.  What do you think, love or hate?!


Trend Alert!

Oly San Francisco never disappoint and the same can be said of their beautiful lighting range.  These stunning pieces feature materials such as hand cast resin, capiz shell, natural seashell, turned onyx, silk and hand moulded brass.

They are bang on trend and can be found in high profile homes of international designers such as Karen Houghton and Australian Interior Designer and Stylists such as Greg Natale and Steve Cordony.

You will find these beautiful pieces in Coco Republic stores who first brought the label to Australia in 2010 and there is also the dedicated concept store at 488 Church Street in Richmond, Victoria. It is the first stand-alone Oly San Francisco store to open outside of the USA.  Light up your world with a little bit of California!

Refined Rentals!

Do you live in a rental property and constantly feel your creativity being curbed by the constraints of not owning your place?  I’m guessing for most of us, the answer to that question will be yes!  Home is somewhere you should feel you belong and it should reflect who you are as an individual.  Just like fashion, styling your home is an extension of your personality.  And until the day that you decide to purchase that blank canvas home, it can feel like a part of your identity is missing in the midst of all those magnolia walls and beige carpets!  But there are lots of clever ways we can make a rental feel like home and unleash some of that pent up creativity!  Here are some ideas on how to do just that!

Temporary Wallpaper

Temporary wallpaper is an excellent way to make a huge impact in a space.  It’s even great for home owners who are commitment phobes!  You can easily pop this up and change it when the mood takes you!  Wallpaper has made a huge come back and there is no better way to add drama and your own sense of style to a room.  You can purchase temporary wall paper from stores such as  Tempaper, Sherwin-Williams and Design Your Wall.  It’s pre-glued so you just pop it up and use a damp sponge to loosen glue when taking it down.


No Room With A View!

If you have unsightly older windows or a view that you would rather hide that show off, using a pretty privacy film can solve the problem.


Hanging Art & Photographs

This can be one of the most common problems in rentals as most landlords wont allow you to use nails.  Some clever ways around this is to use Commands line of temporary hooks and velcro strips below.  They come off as easily as they go on and won’t damage your walls.


Temporary Back splash

This is a clever idea that can make a big impact in your kitchen!  Fasades are thin thermoplastic panels that attach to your wall with specifically made durable double sided tape.


Faux Granite Bench Tops

Another clever idea to completely change the look of your kitchen is to apply temporary counter top covers in faux granite!


Washi Tape

This Japanese tape has endless uses!  It can be used to create wall art, gift wrapping, updating jars or pottery and as seen below, it can be used on walls to create impact in such a simple way.  It’s inexpensive and comes off as easily as it goes on!


Of course there are even easier ways to put your own mark on your space using simple things like decorative pillows, rugs, throws, curtains and your own decorative ornamental pieces.  But if you want to go that little bit further and inject a little more of you into your home, the above ideas are easy and will give you that personalized look to make that home ‘your’ home!

Thrifty Tuesday – 10 Frugal Finds Under $50!

I am a self confessed green groupie!  But this came about only as I have gotten older.  It was my mother’s favourite colour so I always associated it with being old fashioned!  But years on and I have learned to appreciate the beauty of this charismatic colour.  Emerald was named colour of the year for 2013 by Pantone.  But green seems to be appearing everywhere in all shades and I think we will continue to see around for a while.  Green is associated with tranquility and health and is deemed a perfect colour for bedrooms but I think it looks stunning in any room!  An easy way to bring this beautiful on trend colour into your home is by adding a few simple accessories, so lets have a look and see what’s out there in this charming colour for under 50 bucks!

Funky Personalized Vintage Birth Print $35

Your cornflakes will taste better in this beauty $19.95
Hida Small Bowl in Green
Retro Tea/Coffee Tin $19.95
Green Flowers Tea & Coffee Tin
100% Linen Bonnie and Neil Napkins $20
Madenhair napkin by Bonnie and Neil - green
Perfect eggs every time with this Lauscha glass timer $33
Baroque Frame (8×10) $18.95 from Outliving
Hive Vessel $24.20
Hive Vessel 30cm  Meadow Green
Self watering plant pot $14.99
JUBEL Self-watering plant pot IKEA Will help your plant to thrive, even if you can't water regularly.
Table Runner $40.39 from Proper Pillow on
White Table Runner - Green Color, Lime, off-White Color,  Modern Table Runner 108 inch 108" long
Keep your drinks hot or cold in Boho style with this Moroccan style thermos made from plastic and glass $49.95
My favourite find this week has to be the Thermos bottle above.  Apart from being practical, I think it would look stunning displaying some pink roses doubling up as a vase!  What’s your favourite find this week?

Top Apps For Interior Designers

‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans’A very famous quote from the late great John Lennon.  But have you heard the modern version of this?!  ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy on your smart phone’ and in a word, I agree!  But there is a whole lot of interesting going on in my smart phone! Hours and hours of endless entertainment in news, fashion, design, photography and the list goes on and on.  But it is also so imperative to our business world now.  Where would we be without technology and social media?  Applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram have opened up the communication lines and it’s a free for all – a community of sharing information which I think is quite brilliant and feel lucky to be a part of this viral age.  Apps are also an amazing creation.  We now have software that allows us to do anything on the go; draw, plan, design, play and learn.  Here are some design apps that I use regularly for interior design and think they’re fantastic (and just for the record, I’m sure John Lennon would own a smart phone if he was alive today…)

Penultimate (free)

This app comes from the same designers of Evernote. It’s an app for iPad and when used with a stylus, it simulates the experience of writing.  It’s great for sketching and making notes which is a handy tool to have when you are with a client taking a brief of a space.

Room Planner (free)

Room Planner by Chief Architect allows you to create floor plans and 3D models. As well as drawing floor plans, it allows you to arrange rooms with furniture, doors and windows.  There is a multitude of colours, materials, textures and 3D objects to choose from.  Excellent when you are planning a space for a client brief and easy to use.

Houzz (free)

Houzz is a beautiful visual app that allows you to browse millions of design ideas and add them to your own virtual idea book.  There are great features like the ability to click on links in a photo which will give you information on where to buy the furniture or accessories.  You can also search for local professionals in your own area in the ‘Find Local Pros’ tab.

Pinterest (free)

The virtual mood board – this app makes my life a happy one!  You can create boards for any scenario; to plan projects, make wish lists, plan trips and with an unending sea of images, there is so much to be inspired by.  It also has the added functionality of clicking on the image and it takes you directly to the website to where the image came from which I have found great when trying to source items for clients.

Evernote (free)

This clever app allows you to organise notes, photos, audio recordings, lists and more that you can then tag and file into stacks.  It also decodes your handwritten notes so you can search for those too!  An ample little office on the go!

What are your favourite apps?  I am always on the lookout for new and upcoming apps and would love to hear what your essentials are!