Spring Inspired Rooms

Yesterday was officially the first day of Spring and what a beautiful day it was!  Spring is such an inspiring season – it’s a time of new ideas, rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth.  It makes us want to spring clean our homes, throw out the old and bring in the new!  So what a great time to redecorate and bring some of that freshness and rejuvenation into our lives and homes!  Here are some ideas for a spring inspired space!

Sweet Spring room.

An easy way to inject some spring into your bedroom is to invest in some brightly coloured floral bed linen.  It brings instant brightness and vigour to a room.

Cheerful Kids' Bedroom | Photo Gallery: Colourful Spring Rooms | House & Home | photo Ashley Capp

Brighten up the kiddy’s rooms by painting a pretty mural on their wall – instant happiness!

spring has sprung

Floral wallpaper is a sure fire way to bring spring inside!

Wonderful Dining Room Decorations Inspired By Colors Of Spring

A cheap and cheerful way to bring some spring in is to place some seasonal flowers around your home.

Xavier & Me {Hot Springs Pillow}

Mix things up in your home accessories and place some bright pops of colours with cushions and ornamental accents.

City Farmhouse: My Favorite Room & Spring Tour

Updating an old piece of furniture just by priming and repainting it in white, or even adding some wallpaper to the insets in the piece (as seen above) will lighten up an old tired dresser and instantly give it a spring in it’s step!

Wonderful Dining Room Decorations Inspired By Colors Of Spring

Adding a brightly coloured rug to a room will inject some instant spring!

girl in short pink dress holding floating colorful balloons in sky over city

A new piece of art work is a simple way to add pops of bright colour.


Why not up the ante and paint a room!  Popping a lovely fresh pastel colour in a room will instantly brighten things up.

Adding some spring into your home can be as simple as a new vase or as dramatic as repainting a room; you decide.  But when deciding to update your space, keep in mind this season is not here forever, so be practical and think through your choices for the long term, especially if it is a big change like a repaint.  So what do you do to add a little spring into your life?  Do you have any tips on how to add some spring to a home?


Trend Alert! Graphic Flooring


Swedish sisters, Marie and Annica Eklund are the owners of the highly successful company Boland who produce these stunning carpet tiles.  They have designed these new concept tiles in various shapes and sizes that allows you as much creative freedom as you can muster up!  The new ‘wing’ tiles come in a choice of 62 colourways and in the shapes seen below:


As if that wasn’t clever enough, Boland was awarded the Australian Green Tag Level A Certification from an initiative to use renewable plasticiser and are working on using as much recycled materials in their products as possible.  But they don’t compromise on quality; their products are infamous for their high wear rating and extended life.

Graphic flooring is the next big thing.  This look would be stunning as a full floor covering creating floor art or if you’re not that brave, subtly bring it in with a border strip around the perimeter of a room or simply place a strip down a corridor.  What do you think, love or hate?!

Thrifty Tuesday! 10 Frugal Finds For Under $50

Spring is in the air – can you smell it?  Flowers are blooming, nights are getting warmer and the days are just beautiful.  We humans are funny aren’t we?!  Even though these same seasons come and go every year, we still never fail to get excited about a new one!  And springtime is my favourite; full of promise, bright colours and hope!  So I have chosen it for the theme of our thrifty Tuesday post!  So lets have a look and see what lovelies are out there in the spring collections to add some brightness to our space and banish the winter blues!

Brighten up any room with this versatile basket from http://www.downtothewoods.com.au $45

Love these!  Wire candlesticks from Zest, New Zealand available from http://www.crateexpectations.com.au $29.95

Brighten up your laundry with this beautiful linen basket from http://lumiereartandco.com.au $45

Chartreuse Step Linen Bucket

Update a room in an instant with these peel and stick  ‘Easy Frames’ from http://www.hardtofind.com.au $29

Bring a little bit of spring inside with these pretty wall stickers

from http://www.everythingbegins.com $40

Nothing says spring like a yellow chevron cushion! http://www.downthatlittlelane.com.au $39

I love happy prints that remind us of what’s important!

http://www.blackliststudio.com $49.95

You Are My Sunshine Print

‘Tis the season to sow those seeds and Ikea have a pretty little pot pop them in! http://www.ikea.com $6.99

TECKNAT Plant pot IKEA Glazed; makes the plant pot waterproof.

And why not invest in a pretty vase to display your spring daffodils http://www.domayne.com.au $29.95
And finally, the pineapple is a reminder of the nice warm sunny days to come!  You’ll find this lovely from http://www.freedom.com.au $19.95
Summer Pineapple 22cm
So that’s it for another Thrifty Tuesday!  Will you be updating your space for Spring?  What do you like to do to brush the cobwebs of winter away?

Thrifty Tuesday – 10 Frugal Finds Under $50!

I am a self confessed green groupie!  But this came about only as I have gotten older.  It was my mother’s favourite colour so I always associated it with being old fashioned!  But years on and I have learned to appreciate the beauty of this charismatic colour.  Emerald was named colour of the year for 2013 by Pantone.  But green seems to be appearing everywhere in all shades and I think we will continue to see around for a while.  Green is associated with tranquility and health and is deemed a perfect colour for bedrooms but I think it looks stunning in any room!  An easy way to bring this beautiful on trend colour into your home is by adding a few simple accessories, so lets have a look and see what’s out there in this charming colour for under 50 bucks!

Funky Personalized Vintage Birth Print $35 http://www.hardtofind.com.au

Your cornflakes will taste better in this beauty $19.95 http://jumbledonline.com
Hida Small Bowl in Green
Retro Tea/Coffee Tin $19.95 http://www.larkstore.com.au
Green Flowers Tea & Coffee Tin
100% Linen Bonnie and Neil Napkins $20 http://www.southwoodhome.com.au
Madenhair napkin by Bonnie and Neil - green
Perfect eggs every time with this Lauscha glass timer $33 http://timberandtonic.com.au
Baroque Frame (8×10) $18.95 from Outliving http://www.virtualmerchant.com.au
Hive Vessel $24.20 http://www.freedom.com.au
Hive Vessel 30cm  Meadow Green
Self watering plant pot $14.99 http://www.ikea.com
JUBEL Self-watering plant pot IKEA Will help your plant to thrive, even if you can't water regularly.
Table Runner $40.39 from Proper Pillow on http://www.etsy.com
White Table Runner - Green Color, Lime, off-White Color,  Modern Table Runner 108 inch 108" long
Keep your drinks hot or cold in Boho style with this Moroccan style thermos made from plastic and glass $49.95 http://cornerstore.net.au
My favourite find this week has to be the Thermos bottle above.  Apart from being practical, I think it would look stunning displaying some pink roses doubling up as a vase!  What’s your favourite find this week?

Trend Alert! Make Room For Copper and Brass

Move over silver and gold; your classy cousins copper and brass are in town!  These beautiful metals are taking their turn in the metallic spotlight and rightly so.  They bring an old worldly charm to any space in an understated way and are less flashy than their glamorous cousin, gold. They add richness and character to a room and are the must have accessory for 2013.  But as trends come and go, these precious metals only get better with age when cared for.  Copper constantly changes in colour which adds to it’s charm but you can slow down this process with automobile wax treatments a couple of times a year.  And keep brass clean and polished to prevent tarnishing.

Copper/Brass Briki – $16.70 http://www.metrio.com.au


Stone and Brass Pestle and Mortar http://www.tomdixon.net


Cage Brass Tea Light $49.95 http://www.hardtofind.com


How To Style Cushions

Cushions; they are just like candy in a candy store, so many colours and so much to choose from (sigh!) Cushions are such a fun accessory and an inexpensive way to make a big impact to any space. But it is a task in itself to select the right ones for your room because of that very reason – there is just so many to choose! And trying to put a look together is not always easy. One of my favourite sites, Temple & Webster, have come up with a great video giving the virgin cushion arrangers among us, some great tips! In the video, Head of Styling Jessica Bellef describes how to pull together cohesive cushion looks by following three easy rules:

1. Colour

Choose a colour scheme that ties in with your existing room. Pull the scheme from your art work, a rug or even an accessory.

2. Pattern

You can mix and match patterns, but always be mindful of the scale, keeping the pattern size similar. Also, you can use some block colours to place between the patterned cushions, adding interest but more importantly, in design language, it gives the eye somewhere to rest!

3. Placement

Its all about the layering! Place larger cushions at the back and smaller ones in front, but keep in mind that form follows function in interior design! You have to be able to sit comfortably on your couch, so choose cushions that are in proportion to your couch and make sure there is room to snuggle in! Happy cushion styling!